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Anaxos is a beach resort just along the coast from Petra. The beach is sandy and very good for swimming and there is a good array of restaurants along the beach road, which cater for all tastes.

There is a frequent bus service in the summer, which travels between Anaxos, Petra, Molyvos and Eftalou, enabling the visitor to easily visit these other places during their stay.

The village of Eressos is situated on the South-Western part of Lesvos Island, 90km from the capital city Mytilini. Eressos Village, sometimes known as the 'winter village' is located 4km inland from the popular and more well known Skala Eressos.

Eressos dates back to the 16th century and was built as an inland settlement to protect against the increase of marauding pirates who frequently invaded the bay of Eressos and the original seaside settlement of Skala Eressos.

Molyvos, also known as Mithymna, is located on the North Coast of Lesvos and is a town of stunning beauty and historical importance. There are a number of cultural events held in the town each year including art exhibitions, lectures, traditional folk festivals and theatrical performances.

Molyvos has a great selection of restaurants and bars to suit all tastes. It is a short distance from the beach resort of Eftalou with it's thermal springs.

Standing on seven green hills rooted in the heart of the Aegean, spreads the Capital City of Lesvos Island, Mytilini with a history which begins in the third millennium B.C.

A walk through the picturesque neighbourhoods, the Promenade and the traditional commercial street (Hermou) from the Ancient Port in Epano Skala to Kioski and Sourada will convince the visitor of the warm hospitality of the natives and he will admire the exquisite, preserved historical Mansions of various architectural styles.

Mytilini has many good restaurants and bars and is home to the main museums on the island, plus the recently restored theatre.


Perama village is a good option if you are on the look-out for night entertainment as it includes a number of traditional Lesvos tavernas and beach bars.

Located on the North of Lesvos just 4 km from Molyvos, Petra is overlooked by the church of Panayia Glykofilousa (Virgin Mary of the Sweet Kiss) built in 1747, which is perched on top of a rock some 30 metres high. The village takes it's name from this rock.

The village has it's own style and a charming individuality and is a very popular resort in the summer. It has quite a nice beach, with a good selection of tavernas just across the main road.Petra is a popular beach resort and it is especially suited to families but also has a lively night life.

Plomari, in the South of the island, is the second largest town on the island, the first being the capital of Mytilini. Plomari is built right on the edge of the Ocean and has narrow winding streets and steps leading further and further up into the amphitheatre of the numerous traditional homes built against the surrounding hills.

Plomari is also one of the main centres for ouzo production on the island and there is also an ouzo museum offering an interesting insight into it's production and history. Agios Isidoros is a small hamlet just 1km from Plomari which has a good beach.

The ancient farming area of Podaras is located on the south coast of the island, west of the entrance to the Gulf of Kaloni. This is the volcanic side of Lesbos, with spectacular rock formations, natural water sources and breathtakingly beautiful beaches. Its very nature, and part of its charm, means it is isolated and secluded.

On first impressions, one may wonder what the small fishing village of Sigri has to offer even the occasional tourist ... but scratch the surface and you will find a wealth of offerings.

Located on the South West tip of the island, just 26km from Skala Eressos, Sigri is home to a number of natural phenomenon and monuments which should not be missed.

The village of Skala Eressos is located in the Western part of the island and is known to be a lively resort, which caters for a wide range of visitors, including a large number of international women. It features a pleasant sandy beach, which is backed by a good selection of bars and restaurants.

The village is built on a valley floor and surrounded by a stunning amphitheatre of volcanic rock and mini mountains and holidaymakers from all around the world flock to enjoy their summer vacations on the stunning 3km stretch of beach.

Skala Kalloni is situated on the Gulf of Kalloni in the centre of the island. It features a fine sandy beach and small fishing harbour and is also a haven for birdwatching in the early part of the season.

The many restaurants are located right at the beach front and will serve you freshly caught fish, as well as many other treats. The area around Skala Kalloni is flat and therefore popular for bicycle rides and long walks.


This idyllic holiday destination is perfect for those seeking peace and seclusion, or "to get away from it all". Even in high season the beach remains low key and sparsely populated. There are three tavernas and one cafenion close by, (at least one of these establishments is guaranteed to be open year round).

Mystegna is the "partner" village of Skala, located a couple of kilometres inland, just a few minutes drive away/twenty minutes by foot. The village oozes sleepy charm. "Partner" or "twin" villages are not infrequent in Lesvos, the reasons for their evolution is a subject for some conjecture.

Approx. 4 km from the village of Mesotopos lies the beach resort Tavari, a beautiful seaside location with it's tavernas facing the water. Closeby you find 'Podaras' beach which lies East of Tavari, with its fertile plain, while to the west you will find 'Chrousos' beach with its golden sand and small plain along the bank of Mallonta River.

The village of Thermi is located in the North-East of the island, near the capital city of Lesvos, Mytilini. Thermi is perfect for those seeking peace and solitude.

The area is totally unspoiled by tourism and retains the quiet traditions and grace of real Greece, not to mention numerous archeological sites and of course the natural thermal springs of Skala Thermi.

The sea-side village of Vatera is located in the South of the island and boasts probably the finest beach on Lesvos.

It is one of the most idyllic and unspoiled areas of Lesvos Island and it is a perfect place for a quiet family holiday.

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